Why would he Text me but Not Text me back?

I have this Special friend.. He's my ex but also my friend with benefits sometimes and then other times he's just a regular guy ignoring me.. He always texts me about nonsense stuff but then when I Text him he just ignores it and when he texts after a few days its like I never texted him anything.. Why does he Do that? It doesn't make any Sense! Or does it?!


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  • Does it happen Just a couple days out of the month, by chance?


    • yes, about once a week, sometimes twice.. What's your thought?

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    • He might just be liking the extra attention.

      Don't give him your attention so easily, if he just ignores it.

      Next time he texts you the nonsense, why don't you see if he wants to hang out; check and see if you has something he wants to say ?

    • if he has*

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  • Well you aren't his girlfriend nor are you likely his love interest so there's really no incentive for him to text you all the time. He just sees you as his casual hook up buddy and nothing more. It actually does make sense.

    • But then why would he Text me Not only when he wants to See me? I would totally get it if he texted me whenever he was up for a hook up, but he texts me random stuff and sends Photos, then when I Do that, he doesn't respond...

    • Probably out of boredom or just to butter you up for when he wants to hook up. As in he wants to remain friendly in order to increase his chances of success next time he wants to hook up and to leave a door open.