Did I blow it with her? Please help!

Really cute girl I have been talking to for about a week and whom I have met twice when going out to bars and ext did not respond to my message it has been over an hour..

So She has been doing a lot of stuff today on little sleep 2 and a half hours, After we where out yesterday until like 6 in the morning and she has been with family all day.

So I texted her and asked if she was fresh and she said "Hell Yeah"

. Then I said that we should totally do something together.

Did I scare her off or ?

She has shown signs that she is interested in me and when a friend asked if she had scored today she knotted at me..

We are both 18..

So what do you think? I really! like this girl and I don't want to ruin it.

And what should I text her tomorrow (To not make it awkward and to make of the damage if there is any)


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What Girls Said 1

  • Come up with something fun and something she would want to do and offer it...instead of saying that you should do something, be a lot more direct and ask her on a hike, a lunch, a dinner, frozen yogurt, beach, anything! Have the first message be something like "wanna go for a hike today at 2?" and go from there! good luck!


What Guys Said 1

  • I honestly think your doing everything to fast, which is why she didn't respond to your message.

    I feel like you lost connection to her, BUT that doesn't stop you from trying. Just give it some time and hopefully she'll respond as if that didn't happen. You can't change free will, but you can change the outcome of a perspective. (not sure if I actually said it as I thought it would be.)