Someone please explain.

so a few weeks ago I admitted to my best friend that I have feelings for him and think we should date. he said he doesn't want to risk the friendship or hurting me. his last relationship ended very badly and he also said he wasn't sure if he was ready to date anyone. then he cancelled our plans twice, so today was the first time we've hung out since then.

so last night he tells me that he hung out with this chick Christmas eve. he'd asked my opinion before hand, and I told him that I really couldn't answer. he knew that it bothered me. so I don't understand why last night I got a whole list of her traits, and today when we finally hung out he spent half the time talking about her. the only dislike he had was that she constantly wants to hang out and he's very fond of his solitude. then he tells me they're going on a date tomorrow. and asks mewhy she wants to know if he's got body hair, and tells me she said she doesn't like cuddling with guys that are hairy because its too hot.

and I tried really hard to be neutral and a good friend. and I know he was watching to see my reactions. he also brought up the last guy I dated a couple times, which is someone we haven't spoken of in months.

he's not a mean guy. in fact he's my best friend because he's an amazing guy. he knew I was upset hearing about this chick a couple days ago, so I don't understand why he would make it a main topic today. truth is it kinda hurt twice as much because he knows I have feelings for him and if he wants to date that's fine, but I wouldn't have expected him to all but rub it in my face. I don't know why hewould do this, and I really don't want to have another awkward conversation about it with him. any ideas?


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  • maybe he was in a bad mood