No text from him for 11days. Lost interest, or just busy?

So I've know this guy for about 2 months, he chased after me for my number when I first met him, never had that happen before. So he works 8days on up in the mines and has 6 days off. We went on 2 dates both of them was in the first month of knowing him. The third time he came back I asked him to come watch the ashes with me Because I got free tickets, and he couldn't come as he had doctors appointments he couldn't miss. He went back to work, and never texted me while he was away at work, and had only been snap chatting me. It's now been 11 days since he last messaged me, do you think I should shoot him a message? Or just keep snap chatting him and wait and see if he messages me?


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  • Yes! Text him. Don't wait for him to text you. He might be thinking the same thing.

    • I'll shoot him a message after the weekend maybe :) last time I saw him he mentioned camping over the Christmas weekend. So he has probs just been super busy what with Christmas and that, I don't think it'll do any harm waiting for a little longer.

    • Or he might not have signal if he's camping.