Guys, do you kiss girls differently based on level of interest?

Is a kiss just a kiss to a guy? Or do you kiss girls differently if you like her more, or less? How do you kiss girls that are:

(1) you are interested in for a relationship;

(2) you are interested in but do not want a relationship (includes you just want to sleep with her);

(3) you aren't interested in her at all (but maybe you're kissing her for the heck of it).


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  • 1) If it's a girl I'm really interested in, in a relationship kind of way, I'll steal a small kiss on the lips. I'll even do this if there's people around. Then I'll go back to acting normally. I'm weird like that, so I feel perfectly comfortable doing something like this. Or instead of kissing, I'll hold her hand for a few seconds without saying anything.

    2) If I just want to sleep with the girl, or only want to make out, I'll play games and do a lot of waiting and tensionbuilding. Then I'll try to get her alone, and really go physical. The kiss is more passionate, and I use all of my body when kissing. After I've made out with this girl, I realize that I do want a relationship with her (I'm that kind of guy).

    3) Kissing a girl I'm not interested in? I don't know what you mean by this. If the girl is flirting with me, and she knows what she's doing, I get interested in her. I'm a guy, afterall.

  • 1) Be assertive, and give her a passionate kiss. Let her know I want her.

    2) Give her a good kiss (If I'm gonna get a benefit, she's gonna need a benefit too)

    3) Kiss her like we have like one minute to live.

    But to really answer the question, I can only get 'passionate' and higher.

    But you do have the right idea about it varying due to the guy having to liking a girl to a certain level


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