What in the world does this text message mean?

Hi I been dating a guy 6 months now and mostly texting. He recently distanced himself from me and said reason was he had to pull back since he was overwhelmed and confused. And that I text him quite a bit. And he felt that it is "quite a pull". And that I have a tendency to " pull quite a bit with my texts? That he thinks I have security issues. So I'm confused what I did that made him think this and what is the pull thing. He said it twice but what is it mean?


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  • Perhaps he's saying you sound needy. Like you can't live without him maybe. No guy or girl really wants to hear that. They'd prefer having a little breathing room.

    Does that sound like this might be what he could mean? Your pulling him in too tight?

    • Yes. I got this impression. However I feel that it only comes across"needy" to a person when they are not in love. Like if he were in love he would have been receptive to it ( my constant interest in his life and work because into him). So you think he just not in love. I have a guy texting me constantly and wants more than friendship and calls every single nights etc. etc. I find him needy because I not in love with him. I do not need him. Sadly not often two people equally into one another...

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    • Yep. THE ONE. I'm speculating here, only because this is the mistake I made that drove my first away this last and final time after 30+ yrs. We tend to push too hard when we think they're the one, or at least want them so badly. Unfortunately we're a bit too blind to see it as pushing. We need to pull back, somehow figure out what THEY WANT, and be and do that. If only I knew that then. What do you think? Stupid theory?

    • Yes I could have not gotten so excited. When we get excited and it scares a person who is not ready. If he were ready for a real relationship I would't have needed to think of games to play. I could screamed to world I love him and he would have been receptive to it versus like.. "oooo yuck your in love with me.. oooo your weird and crazy". I think there is something about love that is uncomfortable to a person who has a problem with love. Like walls, lack of trust in relationship etc.

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  • play a little bit busy , don't text so regular , maybe disappear for a couple of days ,and he will be okay

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