Sensitive, emotional girls or guys. How do you deal with your emotions when they are so strong?

When things get stressful or uneasy, I really take it to heart. I begin to dwell on it against my will, and wake up at night with a tight throat and painful heart. I feel like I just need to fix everything now so the pain or embarrassment (or at times excitement) can be released asap because I feel the emotion so strongly, its too much to keep all to myself. All of a sudden, I feel its so important to try and tell people how what they did hurt me, or I try to justify something I did that was embarrassing, or send long texts about how excited I am about something. When I feel my emotions so intense, everything I say and do feels so important. But when the feelings pass, then I feel embarrassed because I feel like I was being too dramatic with someone, or vulnerable, or like I sent texts that were too long while under the emotion. Does anyone else experience this? What would be your best word of advice? And for those who aren't this way but know people who are like this, what do you think of them? And if you two were dating would you avoid a girl like this? If you were working together would you find them annoying? And what about if you were just friends? And what would you suggest? Because its really difficult to my my emotions to myself if something big happens (good or bad) and I never know how to deal with it in a none embarrassing way...


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  • Own them. Those are your personally feelings and they are important to you. People get too wrapped up in trying to be "smooth" and not make a fool of themselves. Men particularly. Look luv, we are all emotional basket-cases and the sooner we are up-front and honest with our emotions the better it usually works out for everyone involved. As for me personally, I like when a woman is a geyser of expression. Can it be tiring? Yes. Overwhelming even? Possible. But I much rather prefer that person than one who is constantly trying to bottle things in out of insecurity of seeming "strange". Just on man's opinion.


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  • i play my guitar and calm down

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