Boyfriend has not responded to text messages? in four days?

What does this mean? I love him but dis is not like him.

It is okay guys! We are all good! I am talking to him again! Thanks guys!


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  • There has to be something else to the story.

    Are you fighting?

    Were the texts such that he should have responded?

    Have other people heard from him?

    Does he have a reason to be very busy (such as spending time with family around Christmas)?

    • No we are not fighting. Nope. Nothing is going on. He has siblings who have heard from him (is all I know). The texts were "hey. How are u?"

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    • You have to make this clear to him. It's irresponsible for him to not try to talk to you. If he's busy all he has to say is that he'll be busy and not be able to talk today. Tell him what you feel

    • I will. His behavior is very upsetting. Thanks!

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  • not really much to go on but speculations.

    You either did something wrong.

    Maybe his phone broke.

    Maybe some emergency came up.

    I know what you are thinking. The thing most chicks think of is the worst case scenario and it is usually far from it, have faith and trust in him and stop freaking out. No one, not even a significant other should be the center of your world, live your life with your SO as a supplement to your life not the main focus of it, then you will not freak out as much when life happens and he cannot talk to you for a few days.

    • I agree with yours a lot. I will try to have faith. Thanks!

  • Its the break so its no surprise to not get much response.

    but just like the best answer gave you the possible outcomes, just don't fret.There's always a perfectly good reason during the break behind all of our absense in communication... I haven't spoke to my girl for 3 days (been busy with family) and she freaked out. But it all went good after time.

    • Your answer for some reason I can relate to more (as the gf). I was thinking off breaking up with him before the break either way. But may be I will not... Thank you! (I like our picture).

    • I meant yours. Sorry about that!

    • Thanks, and if you can see it in the girlfriend perspective that's great! I have the tendency try and give a open thought in perspective for my answers, if it helps do what ever.

  • Ever consider using your phone as a phone and calling him?

    Periodic texts of "hey how are u?" don't exactly communicate much sense of worry or urgency. At the very least a "please let me know if you got this text, I understand if you're busy" is better than something so open ended as "how are you" over and over again.

    • He told me not to call him over the break but just text him instead,

    • So? If he's not responding to the texts he asked you to send, he's really in no position to expect you not to call. If he cops an attitude about calling, remind him that he's been ignoring your texts and you wouldn't have called if he'd replied in a timely manner.

    • I tried calling him and he did not respond.

  • He may be busy or he may be upset with you. Too many variables. His phone may not be working properly, etc

  • He probably found out you did something.

    • I have not done anything.

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    • I wasn't referring to cheating, but rather in regards to something unsettling per her history.

    • I can not think of anything unsettling in my history that he does not know about.

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  • Call him instead

    • This is a simple yet good answer!

      Pure texting for 4 days with no phone calling?!?!?!

      What is wrong with people these days in dating? :-/

    • I usually do call him but he told me not to call him during the break. I prefer calling over texting.

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