Girl starts text conversation but doesn't try to keep it going?

Today I received a text from a friend, we don't text a lot but she always seem to like talking to me in person. She always says I need to text her but every time I do it goes unanswered. Now I don't text her first at all Because I know she won't answer.

Back to the point, she text me saying Hey. After usual small talk the conversation was going no where so I had to start asking questions but I don't want to seem too desperate or weird so I just asked a few then stopped and so did the conversation.

If she doesn't want to have a conversation why does she text me? Its always me who works to keep it going and she answer in short texts even if she started the whole thing.

Also if anyone of you could give me tips to improve my texting abilities when I text girls.



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  • Guys do this too!


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