Is this a date or not? I'm mildly confused

Hi I'm a 22 year old guy. so a few days before Christmas I Facebook messaged a girl who I have the feeling that she may like me (she talks to me a lot, likes nearly everything I do on Facebook and touched my arm when I saw her a few weeks ago) asking if she is excited for Christmas.

She replied by saying amongst her response "If you feel like catching up for lunch or the beach sometime let me know" I said that we would do that after xmas.

This morning I sent her another message reminding her about this and she suggested we go see The Hobbit together this week. After we sorted out the details of when and where she said "yeah that's cool, there's also the 130 time, but that's not 3D, whatever one suits you. I'm heaps excited now!"

Is this a date or just 2 friends going to the movies?


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  • It sounds like a date, esp since you say it sounds like she likes you. But you could play it cool and see how she acts while on the date.

    If you'd love for it to be a date, offer to pay for the movie, that should hint to her you're seeing this as a date and then the ball will be in her court of whether to lean into you during the movie or show that she likes you.

    Good luck!


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  • If you want it to be a date then make it a date. Pay for her and tell her you want to see her again. Be affectionate but don't kiss her and call her the next day.

  • sounds like a define causal date to me


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