F*ck I messed up! Is he no longer going to pursue me?

Ok so out of sleepiness, I allowed the guy I'm crushing on to kiss my neck when we were alone in the car. When I get sleepy, it's equivalent to me being tipsy in a way, I don't think straight. Anyway, he's kissing my neck and he goes lower and then sucks on my boob but he doesn't finger me or anything and I pull back when he sucks on my boob to make him stop. And then we just look at each other like "What?" and then I hug him and he kisses me on the neck again before going to his house. I feel like I totally messed up and made it easy for him to get me. I'm not easy but I wasn't expecting him to just lunge for my boob, even though it felt good, he just got to it so easily. URGH! I feel so stupid. I'm trying to make it a challenge for him and not be such a tease but like what we just did, necking and then the boobs, ugh, feels like I teased him. Can I even be able to go back to playing hard to get now? I don't want it to be easy for him to get me but I really feel like I f*cked up the plan now.


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  • I guess this is a common strategy for women huh. I personally would get frustrated trying to pursue a girl that constantly made it a challenge but idk. I think you can go back to doing whatever you want to do. He doesn't have a right to touch you obviously. I don't know if this will mess up the strategy you're using though. Honestly though, it seems like the game you're playing makes it really complicated. Do you drop the game once you're together or does it last for the relationship?

    • Well I don't know because normally, I just drop the panties after the first month or so. I'm trying to get to know him better before I sleep with him but it escalated too fast. I'm not trying to play games, just trying to keep my celibacy a bit longer lol. I think he's regretting it too because he hasn't texted me back yet...either that or he fell asleep. We both worked 14 hrs today. I was hoping to do the good Christian thing and wait until marriage. He's Christian. He doesn't eat pork or fornicate

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    • Honey he did fornicate when he sucked on your boob. Get it straight (= He is no saint by far.

    • Lol you're right

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  • You could tell him that you like him and want to be close with him but first on an emotianal level before you guys get physical and that back in the car you just made a mistake and don't want it to go further for the time bei g

    • He might not want emotional though.

    • If he does not want an emotional relationship with you you have to evaluate what you want from him based on the information you get after talking to him

  • You stopped him. He'll come back for more until he gets what he wants

    • Ok good. He'll come back but won't get it no time sooner

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