Why doesn't he seem to want to hang on weekends?

We've been dating for 4 or 3 months now I think. I'm his first girlfriend. He's a gentleman. He likes to play video games. He doesn't have that many friends except one. He doesn't hide his phone from me which it's texts from me and pictures of me, his pets, family and random stuff. We hang out at least every Friday and have a pretty good time.

He doesn't text me much anymore but we hang out at his house and watch movies, cuddle, have tickle fights, make out. We hung out yesterday, which had a good time with him and his family. I don't like texting anymore so I jokingly was going to break my phone, he kept saying no and I said "Nobody texts me" and we started laughing.

He said "How am I going to contact you then?", I said "You hardly text me...lol" I don't remember what else happened but I asked him when he wanted to hang out again, he said he doesn't know and said Monday or Tuesday? I said "Why not the weekend?" He said I don't know (don't remember) I said "video games?" He said "yeah sort of". I'm worried he's cheating on me or losing interest. He asked me if I wanted to hang on Monday


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  • maybe he's losing interest or getting bored

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