How do I keep a conversation going?

My boyfriend and I message each other fairly often throughout the day, but I run out of topics quickly. It's hard for me to come up with random things to talk about and I do better in person. However, I'm saddened because whenever we text now, he doesn't seem very interested in talking to me. What can I do to keep him from losing interest in the conversation and me along with it?


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  • I stopped texting my girlfriend entirely and now we just IM on Skype. We kind of talk in bursts throughout the day.

    When we did text though, we once played a game where we progressively name larger and larger things. We started off with subatomic particles but we got into a hilarious debate on whether or not plankton was larger than a modern transistor.

    Also, we occasionally played Would You Rather grabbing questions from

    • Isn't Skype IM pretty much the same thing as texting though? You don't ever lose interest this way?

    • We do lose interest. That's why we talk in bursts throughout the day.

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