Enjoying my single time mean I will be alone forever?

I'm 18 and female.

I recently brokeup with my second boyfriend( who kinda guilt tripped me into dating and well I lost his friendship as well. I'm getting over mourning as it was his friendship I missed rather than our romantic relationship.

I find I am happier when I'm single and more content and confident. I can think with clarity and not worry that I have to compromise constantly for someone else.

I do crave snuggling, kisses and physical affection but most my when I see itin media or in public. I miss it just a slither.

Otherwise I am at peace alone and not tied down. I never want to date again unless I feel the absolute spark or genuine liking of them, which I really haven't ever found in anyone.

I ponder if this content and confidence in being single means I'm destined to be forever alone ( not that I'm in any hurry not at all haha) I just tend to see how my parents or other family members were best friends and well I've never had that.

I would like someone who gets me and we click mentally and can keep up with me.

I still take care of my friends, mostly guys, it almost seems like I fancy them I do so much nice stuff but really they like me but I never want to date because it makes everything complicated.

I lose confidence when in a relationship and I feel owned.

So what are your opinions


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  • it does NOT mean you are destined to be alone, honestly it seems like you are in a healthier state to be in a relationship than someone who is desperate. but I do feel a bit concerned that in a relationship you lose confidence. it seems like you have some past relationship issues to iron out. maybe a therapist would be good for you


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  • I agree with what the 2 girls said. You're 18, slow down it will all work out. You have plenty of time. I am 18 and haven't dated a girl in 2 years for the same exact reasons as you said. Sometimes you go through fazes in life where you are just better off single and I am kinda going through that right now too


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  • You're 18, young and have time, don't worry be happy you're single. When you suddenly find that guy that you feel 'absolute spark or genuine liking of them' then it will be fine. :) Like I said you're still young I don't think you'll be alone forever. I hope you find someone soon that you will feel comfortable, confident and happy. :) Good luck!

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