Date tommorow just before lunch time, bring something or buy something?

I have and we are meeting up before lunch time to take the train and go somewhere random. We'll probably still be on board when we start to get hungry so should I bring something nice to eat/drink with me or just buy something at the last stop or something?

It's a first date btw.


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  • is this really a date?

    • Trains are comparable to the subway I guess. It's not really used to cover long distance traveling because there's no such thing in holland. It's a small country. We need to use it anyway to get anywhere you can have a nice date so why not travel together. Besides, most people don't go for the classic diner/movie date here since you'd be spending about 100 euro on a first date.

    • no ask this girl out then worry about what to bring her.

What Guys Said 1

  • maybe bring a snack sure if you feel you'll get hungry.

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