Can a "normal" guy date a metalchick?

Hi, I am a metalhead and I am kind of in love with a guy that doesn't listens to metal. At first he looked interested in me, but now I don't know what the hell happened but he stopped answering this happening because now he knows that I am a metalhead and he is not? Is there any problem with dating someone who doenst listen to the same músic that you do, or is it OK?

This would be much easier if I could find a metalhead...


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  • It depends on whether or not you simply listen to the music or make a full lifestyle out of it. Most guys I know would happily date a girl who listened to the music if they themselves didn't, but advertising it by the way you have your hair, the piercings/tattoos you have, and the way you dress will probably count against you (if you do those things).

    • This may just be because of my age, though. The older you get, the less common it becomes for people to advertise their interests and taste in music in the way they dress or present themselves. So when people do, it kind of makes them seem childish, in a way.

    • I only have got one piercing in my eyebrow, I wear other colours besides black but I never wear light colours. My hair is curly and black. I have got one really small tattoo and it is really simple. I hardly never wear bands t-shirts because in my country It is really hard to find some place that's sells that kind of stuff .And that's it. Is it to much?

  • Its okay as long as that person doesn't judge you for your music style. I would never judge a girl based on music style, however I've noticed a lot of metalhead girls will judge me at look down on me as lesser than them, cause im a guy and listen to Selena Gomez


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