She want text communication when she miss me after break up?

We had been together for 8 month we broke up on Wednesday after that we had on day at office ''we work at the same office'' on Friday I couldn't go to office had to leave town till Monday. There was no contact till Friday night she texted me want to ask something I said OK then she said she missed me and asked that she want to text when she misses me and I said OK. ''Btw we always text each other'' After that we didn't text each other but on Sunday night I texted her that I missed her and couldn't reach her cause of network problem and asking if she can to call me or text me back. But she didn't call and replay. So what should I do now? What dose she mean she want that communication? Should I ignore her when she contact? Help pls.


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  • Ask her what she wants. Ask her if she wants to make things work. If not then leave it be. Don't even contact her when she contacts you unless its work related. When she texts you that she's missing you ignore it. Its not fair to you nor is it going to help you move on.


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