Confused by this guy and his texting?

So first of all, yes I like him.

I have met him before, but he lives a ways away so we got to know each other online. He texted me basically every day (both initiated) for a week, and even invited himself to watch a movie with my family when we travelled to his town. We didn't end up going though.

Then he saw me at an event a few days later. He had asked if I was coming up earlier for the event, and if so "we could grab some supper before it starts". I wasn't coming up earlier so again that didn't happen. I said I would have loved to though.

He texted me saying thanks for coming (he hosted the event), then didn't text me for a week. I know he was a little busy but he was still on Facebook chat a lot when I was. He finally messaged me saying "Merry belated Christmas" as it was a few days after Christmas. He had to go because his phone was dying, but again he was on later when I was.

So confused- was he asking me out on a date for supper, and is he losing interest now? I didn't do anything wrong at the event where we saw each other, he came and sat near me but we didn't get to visit much.


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  • He may be losing interest. If it doesn't look like it is going anywhere then he may either have found someone else or gave up. Speaking from a personal perspective, I'll chase a girl for a few days or a week, but if they don't make conversation (i.e., actually ask a question to keep the conversation rolling, or message me first with some emotion) then I'll generally just bail out of that person asap.

    If love is truly there then it should have some kind of initial spark, but if they don't show any interest chances are I'll be putting in 110% of my life to them and get nowhere.

    Try messaging him, in the morning, something like "good morning :) how are you?". You don't have to do it every day, maybe twice a week or so, just to show him that he is on your mind and he doesn't have to constantly remind you. (Well I wish I had someone like that at least ^ - ^).


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