How realistic is it that we start dating after his deployment?

I met a guy a little while ago stationed near me. From the beginning, he told me he was deploying for 5 months, and he actually spent the month before his deployment training in a different state. I went to visit him a few days before Christmas, and we spent 2 days together. When I left to spend Christmas with my family, we agreed that we wanted to see each other again when he got home. He said we could just keep in touch while he’s gone, and hopefully he’ll have some time off after the deployment. He even mentioned possibly being stationed near me again. I do know that he is apprehensive about his lifestyle in general and while he really wants a serious relationship, a part of him thinks that he can’t because he has such an unpredictable schedule (something that doesn’t really bother me). He wished me a Merry Christmas on Christmas, and I asked him to call me the day before he deployed (which he did), and we talked for a little bit. He said he would send me his mailing address when he knew it.

I really like him (and from his actions, I think he likes me), but is it realistic to think that we could start dating in 5 months when he’s back? It’s not like we were dating before he deployed so we don’t have history together, but we really seemed to hit it off well. To me 5 months is not a long time and will go by in an instant, but I don’t want to get my hopes up for nothing. Any advice on whether I’m just creating false hope, or if it really is possible to put things on hold for 5 months and then start dating and see where things go? Should I be initiating contact and sending upbeat emails, or does he need to email me first? I know not to expect a lot of responses since he will probably be without Internet for most of the time, but will he appreciate hearing from me just to say Hello every so often?


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  • Don't force things to happen. Randomly write to hi while he is away, which I think that being deployed and on the military would be greatly appreciated. On the other hand don't close yourself off to dating guys whie he is away. when he comes back wait for him to call you, if he doesn't continue dating other guys, or who knows, you might have met your match.

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