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Ok so I recently met this girl off of a dating site have hung out a few times and even made out a lot and have had sex. Well about 2 weeks ago she kinda blew me off a little so I figured well she isn't in to me... So I moved on and I met this incredible girl who I am absolutely falling for even agreed to start dating like exclusively. Well all was going great until last night when the former called me up and told me she really liked me a lot and ask what exactly are we... I was completely caught off guard by this and didn't know what to say I really don't want to hurt anyone and I have never been in this situation before in my life so if anyone can help it would be appreciated...


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  • Tell her what you just said. Tell her she gave you the impression she wasn't interested since she blew you off and you are now taken. That's not being mean it's being honest.


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  • Id stay with the girl who hasn't blown you off, since it sounds like you are starting to fall for her. The first girl may be testing to see if she can pull you back, don't allow that, she had her chance.

  • at least you are not trying to have your cake and eat it too so I applaud you for that. well if girl numero uno blew you off without explanation, then you had every right to move forward with option 2. no need to wait unless you are a waiter! LOL. just tell the first girl what's up. if she gets mad just remember that she will get over it soon enough and you can't live your life to make everyone happy. good luck!


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