Why do people on sites where you send messages (this site, dating sites, etc) become so clingy?

I went on datemyschool in a moment of desperation as chatted with this guy once and suddenly he was texting me everyday and if I would forget to respond he would keep texting and ask why I wasn't replying. On here, sometimes I respond to someone and then I forget to respond for even just 24 hours and I get another message telling me I neglected to respond. Sometimes I forget to answer when so many guys are sending messages and I don't want to be bothered to reply to 6 people so I don't for a while. Why do guys get so clingy and pushy? Guys I know in person are not like that. Why do they want to talk so badly when they don't even know me?


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  • Can you say needy, desparate, anxious, eager, lonely,...? Plus the probably have nothing but time on their hands and not much else to do. They're looking for someone, anyone, to talk to, or to take notice, in hopes that they might be the one to fill the void in their lives. They feel a need to do it quickly; it's their highest priority... Must have woman, ug, ug.


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  • very simple reason for this. the guys you are associating with on the dating sites and what not are probably no so adept to real world relationships. so they probably have very high expectations nad hopes for internet relationships.

  • If you are "desperate" to meet someone then that usually indicates that there is something else missing from your life that you are trying to find in a romantic partner. My advice is sort out your life to the point where you are not desperate to meet someone and then start dating when you don't give a fuck anymore.

    • that has nothing to do with the question...

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    • those two were typos because I was typing on my phone.

      Do you often go around and cause arguments with people simply to see if they can hold their ground?

      And thanks...

    • Not often, only when I sense that a person has a big ego, then I try to dismantle it.

  • You know you like that so why bitch about it

    • ahh no no I don't at all! I'm not going to deny liking attention from guys but clingy is SUCH a turn off and it's suffocating- I hate it! It makes me feel like he's very controlling- wanting to know where I am and what I'm doing and why I haven't responded and why I don't have time for him. And then the accusations that I'm a bitch for not responding and then the guy being all mopey about it and sending lots of sad faces. And it's guys I don't even know!

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    • Well if you don't like clingy guys then stop using the dating site Instead of bitching about it

    • you're not comprehending my question. I didn't say all guys are clingy, I'm asking why some are. and I'm not bitching, I'm asking. why are you so mean to me? :(

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