So Very Confused. Advice Needed

So there is this guy that I like. For the first few months I knew him we texted non-stop everyday and he was really sweet, he had a girlfriend when we first met so I only liked him as a friend, but they broke up and things started to change between us, like he would always do and say these really sweet things, but then recently he started getting all weird, like he won't text me for weeks and then randomly one day he will text me and be al sweet and then not text me for weeks again and I have no idea what is going on or what to do. Any advice?


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  • Same thing I'm doing. I have the exact situation. I wasinvolved. Now I'm single and love her. I've quit texting. But I told her last night how I feel. I didn't get my answer. So I don't know whether to fight more or to let her be. I know we love each other deeply. I just can't uffer while she gets her courage up


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