Giving your Online mystery an Ultimatum?

It being the a New Year and all I decided to give this girl the final IT I tried dating for awhile (from online) then we feel out after giving me sorts of catfish-like excuses.

For awhile shed log on random send me message then id randomly send one back then its gone no where for awhile now. So guess caught her online she was all flirty and happy to chat.

But next few days I try contact, told her if she wants to get serious about being honest with me she should leave her number next time because I'm done with this.

Grown as people no matter who they are shouldn't be seeing how their life is via messenger I mean come on right?

Good choice? Bad outcome either way?

IDK But 2014 needs come quicker starting to boot the past fast.


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  • I can understand you wanting to know if this can go to the next level. Just tell her how you feel, if she keeps making excuses. Move on.


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