Dating online: how to tell if a guy is serious, or just passing time.

I met a guy online, we seemed to hit it off. I didn't want to overly flirt with him and have him think I'm easy. We exchanged a couple of emails: I complimented him, laughed at his jokes, asked questions about what he did (job)... etc. Then suddenly, out of the blue, he blocks incoming mail from me. He mentioned that he'd be in town soon, I gave a little hint that I was excited, but I never insisted on a meet up since it was work related... Then he just blocked me. What's his problem? Or was it me?


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  • If you haven't met him in person think nothing of it. It could be anything. Definitely do not over think it.

    Here's the thing to make online dating work:

    Only email people you want to meet in person.

    Email only for a very short period of time(enough to determine it's a real person), exchange numbers, and schedule a meet.

    Meet ASAP like later in the week or something. Make it convenient and make it short with an easy escape. Cup of coffee works perfectly.

    If you don't meet ASAP you're wasting your time. As for him blocking you, it very well could have been a married man sure, but he could have also gotten cold feet. A lot of people online have social issues and are trying to find a date, but are too socially inept to meet in person. I would say girls are much more guilty of this then men but there are plenty of loner men out there who can't talk to a person face to face and live in their mom's basement playing video games all day.

    As for all the "wanting to get to know him better, that's what meeting is for! If his profile's well written and he has legitimate photos, all the emailing back and forth is aimless bullshit that girls mostly do to cover up their fear of meeting face to face. Guys get reluctant to ask to meet up because so many girls make up these phobias of how a psycho man's gonna attack them but don't realize that it just means they called the guy their emailing a psycho attacker which also makes her look dumb for emailing one.


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  • Ok so, your between the age of 30-35... You waited a bit too long, but it's OK, your cool. Your still in the right bracket to give this advice to.

    Guys reach they broody peak you could say, at 36-38, so statistically, if a guy tells you that he's looking to settle down and he falls within that age gap and over... Then odds are he's telling the truth. But to give a more comprehensive answer to that question. I'd need to know his view of relationships and women.

    • Did that answer why he blocked her?

    • Looooloool! I think I literally stopped reading just before that bit, I thought I had sufficient information to give a partly informative reply xD ... Hilarious.

      Well then, he either had a Mrs and woke up and realized what the flip he was doing... Or he's insecure, maybe not even the guy in the pic.

  • Probably you weren't the only one he was pursueing. Or his wife/gf found about it.


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