I'm in love with my best friend... but it's complicated.

I'm 16 and I've been dating a guy named Chris for about 2.5 months.

Chris is sweet and kind, he's actually just my type, but I feel as though something within our relationship has just not clicked yet.

I feel like I can't trust him, and that he might be trying to play me. He's cheated on every girl he's ever dated. Literally all of them, every single one.

He told me that he's changed and that he wants this to be a serious relationship, he's even talked about marriage and living together.


I have a friend named Joey, who I've known for about 7 months now. We actually met when I was dating his best friend's brother over the summer. Joey is literally the kindest guy I know. I've never met anyone with such completely good intentions in life. He's in college, he was in the US Military.

Recently I've been trying to find a girlfriend for Joey, we even went out on a double date and it seemed like a good match.

But the more I tried to get them together, the more I realized that I wished it was me. Going on all those dates with him, what he lost sleep over.

I think I might be falling for my best friend, but... I have a boyfriend. What do I do?


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  • Well if you think your relationship with Chris isn't what you wish it is and there's just something missing then I would tell you to look for that aspect in your relationship ,it can be hard but you will eventually find. On the other hand your 'thing' with Joey reminds me a lot of romantic movies(' I give it a year' to be precise) you are with someone you like but just just an aspect that isn't there ,then you meet someone that is just someone ideal but you end up being friends because your in a relationship.my feedback to you would be to have a little patience ,then with time you will see the answer, I hope you found this helpful ,i hope you end up with the right one

    • Haha the movie I give it a year she ends up divorcing her husband and going for the business man :P but I understand what you mean.

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  • I think neither.lol. Your boyfriend is creepy and weird talking marriage and stuff. The other guy is too old for you and that would be creepy too. Don't add unnecessary stress on the best times of your youth and don't get addicted to drama like every woman I meet.lol. Have fun and never commit to anyone until your older and mature. Keep in mind women mature physically early but they don't mature until they are much older.

    • I suppose I should add some backup information. I only date older guys. I was dating a guy who was 18 while I was 15. Joey is 19 and I am 16 so it's the same difference. And actually women age earlier in both areas where men don't ever grow up ;) so.

      but in all seriousness. By the way Chris is 18 too... so no, neither one of them are too old for me.

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    • Actually, I haven't ever had a childhood, I was removed from my home at a young age. I'm just trying to make the best of my situation. I'm not some immature little girl either. I date older people because any guy my age is a dumb dumb. Plus, he's not too much older than me. Just think 33 and 36... Its completely normal

    • Guys your age are just awkward. Don't be mean.lol. Sorry about what you've been through in life. But don't forget that doesn't define who you are. You will find yourself one day and I hope you are happy with what you find. You have more in common with the majority in this country and around the world so don't be like those who let it hold them back.

  • Wow you got some dilemma in your life, that's a good sign means you're living it. About the first guy, just never talk to him , like never for no reason, just ignore him completely, it's OK we all make mistakes. You're probably more special then the other girls he dated, but him having changed is like a wolf became a sheep guard dog (you get he point). So go for the other guy...My opinion...

    • what's your opinion on the other guy?

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  • dump the serial cheat and ask Joey out, if you're not clicking with chris youd be better off single anyway. I honestly don't believe he's turned himself around if he's cheated on every single girl before you (thats someone very set in their ways) especially for someone theyve dated for 2.5 months. for all we know the marriage and seriously relationship could just be scripted crap he says to girls thinking itll make them melt for him and itll wavier his previous relationships reputation so he can cheat on them too without them being suspicious or rejecting him because of it.

    be warned joey might refuse because he might think the best friend & his brother wouldn't be OK with it

  • Life is always complicated. I use complication as an excuse sometimes and I think I am finally realizing that one has to just make it happen no matter what.