How do I break into the local dating scene, not getting dates here?

I live in a smaller city so there is only so many options when it comes to dating and the girls available at any given time. but not having much luck and haven't really been able to have success here . not sure how to break into the scene as they say and get actual dates with these girls ? there seemed to be some interest as I had started a new job recently and single but nothing much came out of that and haven't even taken any girls out on dates in last couple months. and only single girls I saw during x mas break at bars were 20 something college students who are going back to school this week so there not an option for time being and didn't seem that interested in dating anyways


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  • You should talk to some of your friends and ask them if they have any single friends! I feel like the best way to find a good guy or girl is through people you know.


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  • Try online dating

    • I have but found locally the options online are limited and a lot of the best singles here aren't even online . they'd more date through friends or people they meet in person

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