What's the possibility your first kiss will come from your first boyfriend on yours and his wedding day?

Comments are welcome! So how likely do you think it will be that you will marry your first boyfriend and give him your first kiss on your wedding day? Just asking as I know of a situation that I'm not sure will turn out like this and wanted to know the possibility.

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Let me explain the situation more: This guy (a friend...whom I like) is dating a girl who doesn't want her first kiss till her wedding day. In all honesty I feel like they're both in the relationship to be in one (he's her first boyfriend btw) but
that's another story. He's been in serious relationships two times before (with kissing and what not) but he's her first boyfriend. So I dunno, they text constantly but he hides a lot from her.


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  • Back when I was in 9th grade and a super Christian or whatever I decided that even kissing before marriage was bad. I even asked if that was right or not to the speaker in front of everyone at a youth group retreat. Of course many people were in shock and a friend [whom I once had a crush on] debated that with me sometime afterwards.

    I later changed my mind about that a few months later, but I had mostly held on to the fairy tale that my crush at the time was the guy whom I was gonna marry...even if he didn't feel the same way about me which it almost always turned out that he didn't.

    Now I'm a bit different. Though I didn't even get the opportunity to have my first kiss until I was 20, I have ended up kissing like 10 guys since then [less than a year later.] I do regret most of them because I ended being attached to them especially because of the kissing while they weren't that attached to me, if at all. Sometimes I've decided to only kiss a guy if I'm officially going out with him but I've always broken that rule by being caught up in the moment and fooling myself into thinking that I will eventually go out with that guy. I've also still haven't been in a serious relationship.

    So my point is...the possibility is very slim. It's rare for anyone to think like that at all times and not give in to temptation, let alone 2 people who think like that and want to marry each other. But it's still possible.


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  • I was talking to a pastors daughter and it was sort of like this. It's extremely rare that someone would want their first kiss on a wedding day, but yeah, there are people out there like that. Keep in mind that her parents were very controlling and very influent in her decisions. So it's very rare, but somewhat possible. And almost always involves strict religious morals.

    • Yeah she does come from a very strict religious family. Her boyfriend is in a religious family too but not so strict.

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  • I would say that it depends on the culture. In very strict, traditional cultures, it is totally normal to have your first kiss with your husband on the wedding day. My grandmother's marriage was arranged and she didn't even meet her husband until the wedding day. Of course, arranged marriages, etc. are much less common nowadays, but some traditional cultures are still very adamant about this.

  • this was on 17/18 Kids and Counting! haha :-P

    honestly, I do not know that many people that haven't had their first kiss by college if not by high school. if you can make that sort of commitment, kudos! maybe try to keep your virginity until marriage, instead.

    • Lol ohhh it's not for me, I'm more about the virginity only route. It's in regards to a couple I know.

  • I don't think you should smooch with just anyone, but it is kind of a bit romantically naive to think that the first time you ever KISS will be on your wedding day. I understand waiting for sex, and I understand not kissing just any guy, but waiting until your wedding day? Not realistic for 99.99% of the population.

    • Well I was more concerned with the fact of the likelihood that she'd marry him, her first boyfriend, and what not.

    • Odds are they probably won't end up getting married. Sometimes people can be a little bit weird about their first semi-serious relationship. I think it is better to date a lot of different people before getting serious with anyone.

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