Help my little paranoid brain understand this situation please.

There is this guy I like. He is a nerd guy working with computers full time . I am a gamer girl so we get along well. but I am also what you would consider hot and cute I'm sure of it because even my teachers tried to set me dates with their neighbours rich sons LOL WTF?

anyways this guy if you ask me is pretty smart and actually good looking a very nerdy cute looking guy with absolutely amazing social skills.

I fall for him. He falls for me.

But I believe he thinks I'm out of his league. He is exaggerating all the time.


"-you are too pretty"

"-you are too sexy"

"-you are too cute"

too ? too for what? does this indicate that he thinks I'm out of his league?

He is the smartest and cutest guy I ever dated tbh . So when he says these things I feel awkward. In my paranoid brain he becomes a successful liar lying about everything to get me in his bed. :( ahhhhhh


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  • He might be thinking that your out of his league. One day when the time is right just tell him how much you like him and care for him.Im pretty sure he knows that your very into him. Lol don't say your paranoid.You have eevry right to have your guard up.Sometimes guys do talk a good game to girls.So far he seems genuine.If you guys had sex things might change.It's hard to tell.But so far thigns look good. Maybe he enjoys giving you compliments. I like to compliment girls.If a girl is cute or hot I will tell her to her face. You say you and hi mdate.What type of dates do you guys go on?And what do you guys do?

    • we go out and have dinner first but we always have things to talk about we talk and talk time passes so fast then we go play games he wants me to stay over for the night or go on a holiday with him :O

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    • I don't trust him yet to stay with him . But I do stay really late and we did fall asleep once :) Our common friends say that he is a very good person and that he wouldn't hurt a fly. I hope they are right :P

    • Yeah trustng somebody fully with your mind, heart, body and soul is really tough to do.It seems like you have some doubts about him? On the plus side that is good that you stay really late.Lol friends can say anything nice about a person.One thign people have shown me is that everybody has two sides to them.Even the nicest person has another side to them.I hope if you and him do take things farther that things work out.But it can go as fast or as slow you want things to go.

  • Sit him down and talk to him about it. When a guy is with an attractive girl, but finds himself inadequate he will start over complementing her. (I am speaking from experience). Soon I figured out that she was with me for a reason so I'm doing something right. Tell him how great he is and what you like about him. Let him know that he's the one you want, and don't care if others think you're in different leagues.


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