Guyfriend is acting super weird?

We haven't been friends for long But we got pretty close quickly.

In the beginning we texted slot And he walked / waiTed for me after class. Then I noticed he became kind of distant.. his texts became shorter And meaningless And he would randomly stop replying When he Started the conversation. And When we hung out as a group he was kind of distant.. And always tipsy unlike before.

Then randomly he texted out of the blue he got a girlfriend

He didn't even tell his girl bff And ONLY told his guyfriends And me.

We are not that close (definitely not Bffs ) so I don't get why he texted me that out of the blue.

Why is he acting so weird around me?


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  • If he didn't see any sign of interest from you, he moved on.

    He texted you he got a girlfriend because he friendzoned you, I guess.


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