What is up with my ex texting me?

My ex broke up with me less than a month ago. It was a long distance relationship and he didn't want to wait for me to come and visit. He said that by the time I saved money to visit him, he would have another girlfriend. I didn't want him to cheat so, We both parted peacefully. A day later he said he wanted to date me again, at least until he found someone else. I told him no, and then found out that he was texting potential girlfriends while we were dating. I definitely did not want him back. So, then when were officially over, he starts texting me and calling. I thought something was wrong, especially since his dad had been very sick, so I picked up. He tells me the its not an emergency, but that he has a hot date and needs a pep talk because he is nervous. I was annoyed. After that day he continued telling me about his new girlfriend through texts, none of which I responded. I thought he got the message that I didn't want to talk; and decided to move on because I went two weeks without hearing from him. Then in the last two days he had started texting me again, asking me how I am or what I'm up to. Its so strange to me and I wonder why he keeps texing me. After I break up I just move on. Any thoughts on why he's still texting me?


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  • Sounds like he has a desperate need to have a girlfriend and it doesn't much matter who that would be. As a former girlfriend he wants you to fill in between those gaps. Hopefully ignoring him will give him the message but it might not work.


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