How do I get her friendship back?

There is a girl I really like and we know each other from three years back from now. We've talked a lot but so far only met a few times.

Now I can see that in the beginning I started to look pretty desperate to get her; than I started to realize that I was doing it stupidly!

Now when I text her, she replies back politely and nicely at first and than, mostly, doesn't answers on my later sent messages.

When I text her I feel like she's thinking something like: "Oh, again this guy.."

I now I can't get her to like me or love me, but I'd need to get her friendship somehow, and just have nice conversations!

Pleas help me on this, cause its just literally killing me inside... I really tried to forget about her but it doesn't work..


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  • Ohhh I'm sorry but its likely she knows you like her and she doesn't have the same feelings. You're settling for friendship, but she likely doesn't want to engage in this friendship because she doesn't want you to get the wrong idea or string you along, but still wants to be polite and not hurt your feelings.

    She is trying to avoid you in the nicest way possible.

    A woman will not cut conversations short with men theyre highly interested in.

    I feel for you, because it can be heartbreaking, but you really should keep trying to move on. To continue will only lead you to more heartache.


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