Is this a good way to let a guy know I'm interested?

So, there's this guy in one of my classes that I like. The problem is, I don't really know him, but I would obviously like to. Since we don't hang out in the same group of friends, I'm thinking of sending him a message on Facebook that says something like "Hey,you're cute. you should message me or text me sometime." So guys, what do you think? Do you like it when girls take charge and be the first ones to make a move or not? If you got a message like this from somebody you didn't know too well, what would you think?


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  • It's cool when a girl takes the initiative, but maybe you should phrase it a bit different. Instead of ordering him that "he should" message you, say you'd like to talk to him sometime, if he'd like to. Or do something together. It should always be casual, without obligations.

    I'd probably take a chance and have a chat even if I don't know you too well, it just depends on the kind of guy.


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  • You should ask him if he wants to study together or something!

  • I personally don't think you should do tat ...

    It kinda sounds like you know sluttish ...I think