Was he sincere in what he said, or was it just easier to agree?

I met a guy in the Army when he was stationed near me. About a week later, he found out he was being sent to Afghanistan for a few months after the holidays and they were going to train at a different base out of state until then. We kept in contact for the next month and talked of text a few times a week. I also went to see him for a few days during my time off for Christmas. We had a lot of fun, hung out and things stayed low key--more just enjoying each others company than doing a ton of different activities.

The morning I left, I told him I wanted to see him again when he got back to the states in a few months. He said he wanted to see me too and hopefully he'll be stationed close to me again, otherwise, he'll have some time off after the deployment. When I asked if we could stay in contact while he as gone, he said "No" sarcastically, and then said he was just kidding. He thought that was a weird question and of course we can stay in contact.

I guess the initial "No" kind of threw me for a loop, so now I'm wondering if he was sincere about staying in contact and seeing each other when he gets home? It's going to take some work on both of our parts. I'd like to go out on more dates with him and I would think him saying he wants to see me again means he'd like to date me/get to know me too. He did wish me Merry Christmas and called me when I said I wanted to talk to him before he left the country.

It just all feels so uncertain right now, and I think it's too early to tell him I'll wait for him--which I will. A few months is not a long time. I just hope he was sincere in saying he wanted to stay in contact and see me again, not just have said that because it was easier when we were talking face to face.


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  • I'm sure he was, if he sarcastically said it then I'm pretty sure he really did mean that he wanted to see you and keep in contact


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