When to text, and when to not?

I met this guy on the train, we got each others Facebooks and now we are talking a lil' bit. he said I seemed very sweet (we were kinda eye flirting in the train) then I got his number! and he asked if I wanted to "hang out" someday - I said yes, but didn't know when. then he told me that we would find a date after new years.

Then we don't really text. If I text him shortly he sure does reply - but he doesn't text me first. I really want to know him better! but should I wait texting him (like casually or flirty) until we've met each other IRL again? I don't know how to do thiiiis, I just want to text, but I don't want to seem needy...


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  • Go more casual because you gotta be more comfortable with him, as soon you're fully adjust to flirt with him. THEN you can ask him out.

    Lets say the "relationship" is a staircase and in the very top is the image of the relationship that can be a success.

    First you go up the steps and each step is a little peace of the image on top which you bring.

    You work your way up, but if you're too excited to figure out what the image is. The chances for you to not know what the image is you'll probably be disappointed and the relationship will burn down to the ground.

    So keep it steady.

    I hope it helps you.

  • Just wait it out a bit then send him a text with a date you'd like to meet him on ... if he doesn't accept ask him if he could give you a date that suits him ... if he doesn't even do that, he's just playing.


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