Why not just say goodbye?

I've been dating a really nice guy for a little more then four months and we've used contact via kik messenger. Instead of telling me he lost interest and no longer wanted to see me, I've come to believe he simply blocked me. I'm rather new to dating and this sort of behavior is odd to me. I can see if we only had one or two dates but we went on a decent amount. I'm not saying that I'm entitled to an explanation, but...I thought it was common courtesy to let someone know you don't want to talk to them anymore. Hell, he could've typed "Bye." and blocked me and I would've been less offended then how I feel now. Silence hurts more than words for some people, for example me. Am I that little that I can't be dismissed by a 30 second text? The last thing he told me was that he was very busy and was some sort of eat/sleep/work machine. Month and half later...nothing.


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  • It could be that he really is busy but hey, the fact that you're not together anymore means something went wrong somewhere. Perhaps he didn't feel the connection anymore. Relationships usually decline whenever one party stops putting in the effort. Cheer up.

    • I'll try. :/ Thank you. A warning or goodbye would've been nice...

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