Does he want a relationship or only to have fun?

This summer (2013) we met a couple of boys while we were on holiday and went out clubbing with them just for one (our last) night and nothing happened. Then we found each other in fb and about 3 weeks later one of the boys started chatting with me. we are both from different cities and he studies in France and I in his home town. So we kept on chatting and after exact 4 months after the summer we met. We went on 2 dates (he said he was dating me) and on the third he slept with me and then he had to go back in France. So my question is : Is he into me, because we are going to see each other in the summer and I don't know what he feels ( he never talk about feelings or that kind of stuff). Or is it only for the sex .. but would you guys wait 4 months to get laid? Please help me because I'm starting to fall for him !


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  • I would wait and I'm sure if he's a good guy then he will too. Good luck.


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  • What is it that you want? Do you want to have a long distance relationship with him or casual dating? My advice to you is figure it out first before you decide to tell him that you have feelings for him. If you aren't sure how he feels about you and doesn't really talk about emotional subjects, then it's up to you to bring those tender feelings out of him by feeling and talking about it. A lot of women in these situations hide their true feelings because they're afraid of scaring a guy away. But, in actuality it's emotions and feelings that make men attracted to us, it's part of our feminine allure that brings out feelings of warmth and attraction to guys because, they don't handle things that way when dealing with the demands of life or other guys in fact, they are very functional and focus on results rather than emotional aspects. I think that he likes you because of all the time you two spent talking before you began dating. Next time you guys talk or see each other, it's important that you start to tell him how you feel like, "when I'm with you I feel so good " or "when you're gone I really miss you and feel like something missing " don't drop the L word yet until he starts to open up emotionally and you feel ready and comfortable doing so.

    • I know exactly how I feel about him and I don't care that he is so far away because even 2 days spend with him are enough for me! And I did tell him that I'm really gonna miss him when he is in France. I've also told him that I like him and I've been thinking a lot about him.

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    • Yeah, he likes you. But, tell him your feelings and thoughts and that will coax him to open up a little more about his. he might not know how to say how he's feeling because he's not used to it but when you are telling him, it makes him feel safe to open up to you and establishes trust bonding between you two. Guys like to hear their girls tell them that they make them feel happy. :) I wish you two the best!

    • I will. Thank you a lot ! :))

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