Should I get out while I still can? his behavior is too contradicting!

We have been dating for 3 months, he took me to meet his entire family and his work. We spent NYE together and he stay until the next day.

Before he left he said to me "this is a great way to start new year, with someone you really like, someone really attractive, someone you really enjoy spending time with" he smiled and kissed me on my lips before he left.

However, no word from him since he left, he used to text me right away to say thanks for the date before we got together...


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  • IT's only 2 days after NYE. Aren't you jumping the gun a bit?

    • its like the first sign of being taken for granted.. things can only get worse from here...

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    • Not if you're secure and in a healthy relationship.

    • The things he used to do made me feel secure. Ironically how tha time this family I feel more secure. He won't even close the toilet door now when he uses the bathrooms...

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  • I don't see how your question relates to your details.. although I think you're over reacting a little because he didn't text back asap..

    • It's been going on for one month.. right after he ask me to be his Girlfriend he stop sending text after dates...

      he said he is serious but right now he is doing less than before... even though he took me to his family..

    • Call him and find a way to talk to him. Don't confront him about why he hasn't been texting you or something, but I suggesr you talk about what's been going on with his life. Maybe itll give you a clue about what's up