Should I expect a kiss on tonights second date?

We are going on our second date tonight. Our first date lasted 7 hours and he just hugged me at the end. We are going to a show tonight and it'll end later at night. And he wanted to spend new years with me but we couldn't because we don't' live close to each other. Was him asking me to spend it with him an excuse to try to kiss me?

But yeah should I be expecting a kiss?


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  • For new years, I asked a girl to spend it with me so I could make a move. We kissed, and are now boyfriend/girlfriend. He most likely wanted to make his move then.

    If you really want him to make a move near the end, make sure to pause and give him time to. The girl I wanted to date would often immediately hug me and leave, not giving me a chance to make the move.


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