Would a guy continue to date someone he wasn't serious about after finding out she's a virgin? Seriously, help!

Been dating this guy for a couple months and I don't know if he's with me because he knows he'll be getting sex soon and he's just casually riding it out or if he's just kinda terrible at relationships and I'm being a baby.

We see each other about once a week, sometimes it is once in a week in a half, so we don't go out that often dueto work and school. In between dates he doesn't text me that much. Just some things here and there but we can go days without contact. I text him sometimes and he will respond but we don't have full long conversations and he usually waits about half an hour before responding so these 10 or so texts we send back and forth can take hours. We do not talk on the phone ever.

When we go out we do things like movies, dinner, coffee and such and he usually always pays and I pick up some of the other stuff, but he's done most of it.

We spend the night at each others houses on average once a week, so whenever we go on a date we sleepover with each other. We do have sexual contact but it is limited due to my inexperience. He is very understanding and never pushes anything but I have expressed that I want sex so he knows it will be happening soon.

This is all lovely but there are a number of things that make me think he's not actually that interested in me

-I was the one that asked him out. I know women can ask men out but it is ingrained in society that if a man isn't asking a woman out he isn't all that interested

-He is late to everything we do. 10-30 minutes. He knows it bothers me and I've talked to him about it and he said he will work on it, and doesn't know why he is always late to things.

-The lack of texting/phone conversations

-There is absolutely no public displays of affection while on our dates at all. No hand holding, nothing

-He only wished me a merry Christmas because I sent him a message and then didn't respond to me when I asked him a question, even after he asked me the question first

-We didn't see each other for Christmas and he never bought me anything. Not to be greedy or anything but I figured even a box of chocolates would be nice. I did buy him something and alluded to the fact I did but haven't given it to him yet because I forgot it when we got together after Christmas. So he knows I have something for him

-Only really affectionate in bed. If I try to hold his hand he'll pull away, but then he'll sometimes grab my hand at other times, hold it for a second, then pull away

-Haven't met friends/family

Things that confuse me:

-His longest relationship was very, very, short. A month or so. So I know he doesn't have relationship experience

-When we do go on dates he will do things like order specific things for me but won't say anything unless I don't eat it at which point he says something like "I ordered it for you"

-He knows I'm a virgin and until recently he didn't know when/if I would be having sex with him so why stick around for really limited sexual interaction if he isn't that interested

**We are both in out twenties


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  • Even though he is obviously not into you just go ahead and stay with him since your not gonna do anything about the relationship. While your at it give him your virginity too. But if you care about yourself then find a guy that actually would want to date you.


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