When do I call to return his stuff? Also how to get him back?

My boyfriend broke up with me 5 days ago saying he didn't feel the way he should feel and that we're not as close as we should be after dating for a few months. He criticized me for worrying about everything, being passive, and not opening up. He's graduating college in a few weeks and still hasn't found a job. I thought he was having a hard time transitioning so I had distanced myself some but he says he thinks he needs to be single now.

He never seriously voiced these concerns till then. I am seeking help to better myself as I feel I have some social/general anxiety and dependent personality disorder. I still want to be with him, and I will work on myself first, but how can I get him back eventually? I want to maintain communication at the very least and work on a friendship during this time because I think we could be really great together if we work through this.

I have a few of his things he'll be wanting back soon (his camera and parent's suitcases) but when is okay to call him? What do I say? Do I keep it short and cold and leave him wondering? Do I bring up hanging out?

Thanks guys! (and girls!)

I called and he seemingly hesitantly allowed me to drop off his stuff without meeting. I want to meet or hang out with him eventually, maybe not right away. How do I get him to not forget about me and give me a second chance?


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  • it's always hard to break up but maybe you should just move on because if it was his idea to break up then your probably not going to get him to change his mind, you may be able to be friends with him but not quite yet


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  • Just take it slow, don't let him get the best of you..im in the same sorta situation. Its painful to stay hopeful for someone your still in love with. It is what it is and if there is still a chance there will be one..maybe not right now.



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  • If you don't want to actually contact him, over the phone I mean, you can text him and say "Hey I want to bring your stuff over, when is a good time for you?" and let it go from there. [: