What ever happen to the times when?

Dating someone was more about getting to know them

and seeing where things could go or not. And, less about

focusing on what they look like or if they meet your

long list of unreasonable requirements! What ever

happened to that, the simplicity of dating? The beauty

in having someone truly love and accept you for who you are and vice versa? Knowing when the chips are down, they'll be by your side

(just like you'd be by there's)? What ever happened to thinking

someone's cute and that being enough, then you get to know

them and you realize how awesome they are (which made you

even more attracted to them)? Why can't things be that simple again?

Why can't relationships be more about a true unexplainable

connection and passion and depth? Why can't they be something

that's deep and meaningful and actually worthwhile?

Instead, they're about all this other crap that doesn't matter!

Why does it have to be about looks, preferences and good

quality sex? Why does each gender have to turn themselves

inside outside to become someone the other gender MIGHT, want?

That's really sad, don't you think? It shouldn't have to be that way!

So, as I said. What ever happen to the simplicity of dating?

And, why do things have to be the way they are now?

Also, I realize that looks, prefences and sex. Have probably

been around in every dating era, however it was not as prevalent

as it is now! People seem to focus on that more, then they

probably ever have and it seems to get worse everyday!


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  • I agree with you, people now a days are so focused on me, me, and instant gratification. They are bombarded with what looks best, which is best, who has best. It has become a shallow world we live in. I long for a perfect world, but being a realist that I am, it will never exist. I know how the cards fall, and my tears fall the same.


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  • gotts look in the right places.its becuase I think of t.v. and what we look at. I eman turn on the t.v. watch some shows and advertisements. pay atention. constantly hinting towards amazing sex constantly saying sex is good and your supposed to do it. combine that with our natural drive to mate and have children. its gonna be prevalent. mixed with people being mroe open and comeing out about ti.


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  • People these days are more shallow then a kiddy pool.