What should I make of this text?

I was texting a girl that I have a crush on about pants that I need to buy for a job interview I have coming up, and she asked me what happened to all my other pants.

Me:All I have are my ugly suit pants that are way too big on me. And since it's [Higher end fashion store] I need to be fashionable(like I'm ever not)

Her: Well then if you are always fashionable, you should have no issues with pants. Unless you're always Fashionable Without pants?

Me:Of course, that's not even supposed to be a question, just common knowledge.

Her: Did not need to know that :p

Pretty sure this has gone past the playful joking stage and is flirting, but I've always been oblivious and bad at receiving messages.

To make it clearer my response was to to her question of Mr being fashionable without pants on, not my overall fashion. My text had this info included I just accidentally cut it out in my question.


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  • ha man I think you should say sorry she tried to help and you kinda dissed her in your last reply but I don't think she would of taken to heart, like she knows you were just worried over the job interview. oh by the way best of luck with the interview

    • Sorry, my text was different when I sent it to her. The way I sent it was clear I was referring to looking fashionable without pants pants on.

  • It's not really flirting still pretty much just playful, but it looks like it might have been heading towards that direction.