2 things; If a girl is taller or texts first?

I know some guys like when you text them first. I'm nt compulsive. I don't text him first every day, sometimes he does. And if he doesn't answer me I don't keep sending, and sometimes I can wait a couple days. But is it attractive or a turn off if a girl texts first? Second question ; guys do you care if a girl is taller? I'm 14 and the guy I like is 13 ( I know were young but please don't answer me like I'm 8 and incompetent) so I've finished growing and it's that awkward sage where guys are still smaller. I know he thinks I'm attractive but guys when you were that age was a tall girl a problem? An advantage? Did you even care? Thanks xx


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  • Theres a lot of people that have an attraction to taller girls. If he likes you for your looks there's nothing to worry about.

    Texting first isn't a proble either. It actually make the WHOLE situation easier for him to talk to you because he wouldn't need to break the ice because you had the guts to do it yourself.

    When I was around that age me and a taller girl were always racing and we were the top atheletes in school. I asked her out and she said yes. So don't worry about it, and if everyone tries to give you crap. screw them, brush it off and be happy you got to know someone like him.


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  • 1) it's a turn on if they text first

    2) I personally like them shorter or equal in height. But that's just me, others might just not give a shit. ( also, you're only 14, you might not have finished growing yet...).

    • ive been this height for like a year

  • If I can find a girl who's height exceeds mine (6''6) I'll be surprised.


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