Why does my ex text me then not respond or respond way later?

He moved a couple hours away and the distance wasn't working for him I guess so he broke things off. Even though we still saw each other every weekend.

He will text me saying he misses me or he wishes he never let me go etc. I respond with 'me too' and ask him how things are with him then he doesn't reply for days later or at all or will wait and send another 'I miss you' type text. I don't GET IT. If he missed me why wouldn't he try to keep talking to me? he's always been bad at texting but cmon.. am I just an option?


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  • he might be texting you on his down time, or out of comfort. it also seems like he's trying to keep you there in case whatever else is happening up there isn't working. I would honestly stop all communication. tell him he broke it off & that words don't mean anything. if he really misses you then he will do something about it.


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  • Maybe he's just looking for a reaction from you