Do girls know it's a date?

There's this girl that I've met only a couple of times. First time was initially meeting her at an event and getting her number. Second time was grabbing a casual bite to eat with her that included lots of talking.

Afterwards, I told her it was nice seeing her again. Dinner was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed getting to know her. I also asked her if she would like to "go out for dinner again sometime". She responded with "Yes! Hanging out last week was really fun. Let's do something when I come back from vacation."

Does she think it's a date? Or does she still think we are hanging out as friends?

I hope I that I dropped obvious hints that I am interested. Do girls pick up these signs or are they usually unaware?


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  • I wouldn't know until you say it directly, even though it might look like a date and you seem interested (in a romantic way) in me I would still think that you see me as a good friend and you like spending time with me. That's all. Denial.

    • Thanks! any reason why? Are girls just afraid of labeling it before the guy does?

    • I'm going to guess that they just don't want to become attached yet, because in case the guy does not like them, they don't want to look silly or be hurt?

    • Yeah you got it right! If we do that we may end up rushing the things. We think we might annoy the guy saying it's a date, that he likes us... when actually he's just being nice. Is better to have the things clear before we say or think something. Otherwise we can get hurt, seem desperate or look like an idiot.

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  • Of course she has probably picked up the signs already but may still be in the state of "in denial" until you make it obvious to her and let her know.. Tell her and see her response so you can know which zone to stay in...

    • Thanks. I'm kinda shy and inexperienced, so I'm not sure whether or not she's interested or just sees me as a normal friend. Trying to be super careful.

    • I understand... this is really why you should let her know... some girls pick up the signals but will wait for you to tell her because she wouldn't want to interpret you wrong... she will let you know how she feels

    • Okay thanks! So that means I should probably ask her to dinner again when she comes back, right? She will probably never reach out to me on her own, I'm guessing.

  • I do


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