Ex bf's reaction mean after I went on a date?

Me and my ex hooked up A couple of times in the past couple of months and talked until I assumed he was talking to some girl. Didn't hear from him for a bit. Pictures she posted of them on fb. So I figured if he could date other people I could too

Me and a couple of friends, him and his sister who is my best friend, went out one night and she told me she heard I went out on a date getting all excited. As soon as she said that he yelled out a "date?"Surprised but trying to act like he was joking. After that the whole night he kept asking me about my date and how it went. Trying to get details..

I found out he wasn't seeing her just hanging out with mutual friends and had no feelings for her.

Why would my ex act like that about me going on a date? Would he still care? I assumed us hooking up was just that. To add he's told me he loves me and cares about me a lot when we started talking. Do guys get jealous of ex if they still care?

Oh and assuming he was with the girl I saw them at the same club together with friends that made me assume they were together..yepp


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  • Who cares what he thinks. You're doing the good thing and moving on. You guys broke up for a reason, you don't belong together.


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  • It doesn't matter if he was dating that girl or not. When you break up with someone you're often looking at the other to see if he's dating again. Even if you don't like or love the other anymore, you'll be affected by it. So of course, he might react that way BUT you're not dating anymore, you do whatever you want, so does he. If he wants to date someone else or if you want to date someone else, just do it.

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