Generally, when a guy cuts his ex out of his life...

does he think about her? Or does he cut her out and never look back or think of her again? I am talking about guys who claim that they were in love/loved their partner, had a nasty break-up and then immediately delete their number, never message or reply to messages, delete off msn, fb and never contact again?

I know a lot of the time girls will still obsess over the guy, thinking about him, what he's up to, whether he is OK, whether he has a new girlfriend, whether he misses her and so on. But is it likely that the guy is also thinking of her?

you see I got into a fight with the guy I was dating for over a year. he said to me to do us both favor and to cut all lines of communication between us and never said anything to me after that.

so I basically did. I apologized for the fight and he never texted me back. so I left him alone and removed him from all social networks to help me with the moving on process. I figured the less I saw of him the better I would be.

we were rocky the last month, but I do love him deeply and care for him a lot after everything we have been through. I want to text him and tell him I miss him.. but at the same time I don't want to chase after him.

my friends and family tell me he's not worth it and I also chased after him in the past countless times already when things got bad between us. I would always put myself out there, make the first move, tell him my feelings and try to mend things between us. I don't like the game playing or the trying to get back at one another for what the other person did... but when I look back at it .. it made me look desperate and I feel that can come off as a turn off.. because you can only do so much to keep someone in your life.

it's been a week since things happened and I was doing fine because I kept myself busy. but now one of our mutual friends told me that he tweeted about me on twitter saying "i don't need a woman who gets mad at me and the first thing she does is unfollow me on social networks including Facebook."

and then his friends have to make their comments about how immature I was being.

i feel some type of way because he asked me to remove myself from his life so I did and left him alone.. and now he goes on these social networks and makes me out to be the bad guy.

after a week of nc he does this? why?


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  • Ahhh kids. You don't need an answer to this question. What you need to hear is reality. As a woman in your early 20s you haven't the time to waste time reminiscing about how silly you've acted and how childish he's acting. Young love is transferable and easily replaced. What you need to do is figure out what you've learnt from this and what you can move forward with.

    Always remember to be yourself and not the result of what you've been through. We all know how to walk, but there was a time that we fell over many times, and so we learnt to use the wall until we were able to walk all by ourselves. Our learning systems that move us towards our inner happiness works strongest after failure. Unlike children, who are far smarter than we are, we hold onto our failures and relive it for no beneficial reason. Only species on the planet that develop this syndrome and behave in this way.

    Very odd.

  • because he's the immature one...He's a dumb ass apparently , good riddance.

    DON'T GO RUNNING BACK TO guys broke up for a reason. You're NOT compatible with each other, and trying to "fix things" basically means that you will be preventing either you or him being able to be themselves in order to "make it work" ( which it won't ). So keep the lines of communications closed, and find yourself someone better.

    As for your question, yes, we do think our exes. That doesn't mean we want to get back with them...


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