Guys, would you date a girl who broke up with you a year or more ago?

Last year in October I dated this guy who was in the grade above me. He was a year older than me, and since he was like any other teenage boy his hormones got the best of him. He was really into PDA and as a little Freshman, it was a little overwhelming for me. We had only been friends since the beginning of the school year and I thought I knew him well enough, but once he tried feeling me up during lunch I jumped ship and ended things. It was an awkward breakup and we didn't really talk much the rest of the year except to say hi in the halls. This year I ended up in a financial literacy class and study hall with him and we've become close friends. I'm another year older, and more mature and exposed to high school life now, and I think I may have feelings for him now. Do you think he would ever be interested in me after how things ended last year? If so, what should I do?


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  • Well hard to say about him, but I for one wouldn't date you again. It's a policy of mine though, so I don't think the "average" guy would have such an issue. But why not just go for it if you feel like it? You don't lose anything by trying.


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