Is my boyfriend contacting me too little?

My boyfriend and I have been together for a few weeks. Thing is that he went to another state for home for winter break. He sometimes calls everyday but he skips a day here and there. Usually the calls range from 6 to 30 minutes. Only once an hour. We Skyped once. He rarely texts unless I text first. I thought at this stage, with us not seeing each other, he would be contacting me more? I mentioned it once at the beginning but now I feel he sometimes does it because he "has" to. Any advice? He is my first boyfriend and I am his first girlfriend.


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  • A few weeks? That seems about normal. All couples are different when it comes to how often they talk. If it really bothers you then bring it up. But I think it sounds normal. Maybe ask him to Skype with you more would make you feel better if he can. Also remember that he's probably really busy with being home.

  • That does not seem bad at all.

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