Did he lose interest? Guys are so confusing

So I went on a date with this guy, and it went really good. Then we were suppose to go another date and he canceled last minute. I had already gotten ready and was waiting for him to pick me up and then he texted me he couldn't make it, so I told him I didn't appreciate that he canceled last min but I understood that the situation was out of his control.

The next day he asks if we can hangout and I said OK, then he cancels again and this time sends me a text saying this

"Not coming I know I'm an asshole! If I could tell why I would! But you don't know me or my family. Sorry Hun."

to which I replied ...Ok

an hour later he likes 8 of my instagram pics...

He hasn't texted me in a week now, so I liked one of his pictures and he liked one of mine back, but still hasn't texted me.

has he lost interest?


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  • Is he of a different culture to you? Generally inter-cultural relationships have trouble becasue indoctrinated and racist parents make it really hard. i.e., his parents may be abusive or controlling and don't like him a girl from a different culture/religion. Things aren't always black and white.

    If his parents are the same culture then he may be having trouble at home, i.e., mother/father is sick a lot, has to look after a younger sibling or grandmother (once again could be cultural? i.e. japanese culture has a strong sense of honour when it comes to family and children usually look after grandparents).

    But yeah, it could be cultural or his parents are really harsh/strict about dating at his age (and he is being rebellious by doing it in the first place, but they have the last say and stop him from using the family car, or his father/mother pays for his car/fuel and will cut him off if he goes out to see you).

    If any of these are the case, they won't stop him having feelings for you and so he likes things on instagram because he likes you but his parents check his phone when he is not with it?

    Either way, sorry to hear :(

    • He's italian, and I'm portuguese. Our cultures are almost the same lol he's 21 so if his parents are still checking his phone then that's sad... Thanks for your answer :)

    • No worries, I hope things have gotten better or do at least :)

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  • Ouch, he stood you up!

    Just ask for honesty. Ask him truly what's going on. Communication is key in any relationship. If he tells you, and you think they are legit excuses then forgive him.

    But if he continues this behavior, just ignore him and move on. There are plenty of other guys out there that will treat you better. Remember, there can be more than one perfect snowflake out there for you.

    • He hasn't made an attempt to contact me and its almost been 2 weeks, I guess I gotta move on :( Thank you for your advice :)

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  • I'm not exactly sure I believe he lost interest, but he obviously has some stuff going on in his personal life. The fact that he hasn't contacted you since the second bail out though concerns me. If I were you, I wouldn't bother contacting him. Wait for him to contact you and make time for you, instead of you putting aside your time for him.

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